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Biggest Chinook Salmon Haul Going to Sea Lions, Seals & Killer Whales

West Coast seal and sea lion populations have recovered over the past 40 years. All those extra predators may be eating more chinook salmon than people are catching, according to a new study.

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Puget Sound's Endangered Orcas Compete With Seals, Sea Lions For Salmon

Competition with other marine mammals for the same food may be a bigger problem than fishing, at least in recent years, for southern resident killer whales that spend time in Washington state's Puget Sound, a new study suggests.

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Washington's Dungeness Crab Season Delayed By Algae Bloom

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife announced Friday that the opening of the season on Washington's coast is being moved from Dec. 1 to Dec. 16.

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Oregon Delays Dungeness Crab Fishing Opener

The commercial Dungeness crab season is delayed along the entire Oregon Coast until at least Dec. 16 after tests showed crabs are too low in meat yield.  

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Environmental Group Sues Washington State For Records Of Wolf Killings

An environmental group is suing the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for access to some public records on wolf deaths in the state.

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The Problem With Wildfires: There Aren't Enough Of Them, Study Finds

Despite all the wildfires of the past three decades, Northwest forests are still growing faster than they burn. That's not necessarily a good thing.

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Yakama Nation Demands Accountability For Columbia River Sewage Spills

Members of the Yakama Nation say they want a seat at the table with local officials, environmental regulators and those responsible for spills in the Columbia River.

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Wildlife Advocates Want Closer Look At Wolf Shot By Hunter

Wildlife advocates want Oregon Governor Kate Brown to reopen an investigation into an elk hunter’s shooting of a wolf in Eastern Oregon, which was initially ruled self defense.

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Washington Crabbers Form Group Aiming To Reduce Whale Entanglement

Commercial and tribal crab fishermen from the Washington coast have agreed to form a working group to discuss how to reduce the risk of entanglement for whales.

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Saving Beavers From Federal Wildlife-Killing Agency Will Help Salmon Survive: Lawsuit

Two environmental groups are suing a federal program that kills hundreds of beavers in Oregon. The groups said the practice harms more than just the state’s official animal.