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His Fellow Conservatives Call Him A ‘Green Decoy’ | Terrestrial

Ty Stubblefield self-identifies as a “red blooded conservative,” but he’s also an avid hunter who is frustrated with Republicans' efforts to transfer public lands out of federal control.

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The Teddy Roosevelt Legacy At Ryan Zinke's Interior Department

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke often pays his respects to the legacy of conservation-minded President Theodore Roosevelt, while still pushing the pro-industry agenda of the Trump administration.

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How Salmon Sex Shapes Landscapes And Watersheds

It may have taken millions of years, but researchers have found that the way salmon reproduce has shaped our watersheds and landscapes.

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Thinning Forests Saved Town Of Sisters From Wildfire, But Can It Be Duplicated?

Scrutiny of the condition of the American West's forests, and of policies that curtailed logging and suppressed wildfires, has intensified amid a devastating wildfire season.

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Oregon Considering Added Protections For Reclusive Coastal Seabird

The marbled murrelet has been at the center of a conservation fight on the Oregon coast for decades.

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Portland's Lawsuit Against Monsanto Proceeds, With Some Claims Dismissed

The City of Portland and Port of Portland can proceed with lawsuits against Monsanto, but a judge has dismissed several of the city’s claims over chemical contamination of the city’s waterways.  

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Nation's Largest Wildfire Burning More Than 180,000 Acres In Southwest Oregon

Before the Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia River Gorge became the nation’s top priority wildfire, it was the Chetco Bar Fire near Brookings.

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Eclipse Chasers Leave Little Damage Behind On Oregon's Wild Lands

Anticipating up to a million eclipse visitors, public land managers in Oregon prepared for the worst. But their fears of human-caused wildfires and environmental destruction never came to pass.

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Report: Zinke Recommends Reducing Cascade-Siskiyou Monument

Early reports suggest the Oregon national monument is one of three nationally pegged for reduction

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Groups Make Last-Minute Push To Save National Monument Areas

Conservation groups are airing TV ads, planning rallies and creating parody websites in a last-minute blitz to stop Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke from downsizing or eliminating national monument areas that cover large swaths of land and water from Maine to California.