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Trump To Reconsider Move Lifting Ban On Imports Of Some Elephant Trophies


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said hunting programs in those countries can aid conservation efforts. But those who oppose the policy change point to a decline in Zimbabwe's elephant population.

Lost Kitchen Restaurant Made Chef's Small Hometown A Dining Destination


One of the most coveted dinner experiences in America is a 40-seat restaurant in rural Maine where the chef prides herself in serving local food that diners recognize on the plate.

When Will Power Come Back To Puerto Rico? Depends Who You Ask


These days, Puerto Rico's monumental power restoration effort involves helicopters dropping 100-foot towers into the mountains and a "big dance" of crews, equipment and expertise.

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Chief Of Puerto Rico's Power Authority Resigns Under Fire

A continuing controversy over a $300 million contract with a small Montana electrical firm to restore power in Puerto Rico was one of many "distractions,"says the island's governor.

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Federal Agency Drafts New Rules For Transparency In Political Social Media Ads

The Federal Election Commission sets disclosure rules for ads that discuss candidates. Many of the ads in question dealt only with issues.

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FAA Approves Drone As 'Cell Phone Tower In The Sky' For Puerto Rico

The aircraft is called the Flying COW, for Cell on Wings. Developed by AT&T, it can provide voice, data and Internet service for 40 square miles and up to 8,000 people at a time.


Ferdie Pacheco, Muhammad Ali's Ringside 'Fight Doctor,' Dies At 89

Pacheco worked as Ali's ringside doctor from 1962 to 1977, and later went on to serve as a boxing commentator for network TV fights in the 1980s.

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Jesse Jackson Says He Has Parkinson's Disease

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, 76, released the news in what he called an update "on my health and the future."


20 Injured As Massive Fire Tears Through Senior Living Center Near Philadelphia

At least 132 people were evacuated from the facility as the blaze spread quickly to multiple buildings. The fire seems to have started in a unit for residents with memory problems.

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Young Men, Frequent Drivers Most Likely To Get Distracted While Driving

Distracted driving is a growing problem, accounting for at least 12 percent of road crashes worldwide. Phones don't help. But personality and gender may play a role, too, researchers say.

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Trump Backs Billy Williams To Keep US Attorney For Oregon Job

President Donald Trump nominated Interim U.S. Attorney Billy Williams to be Oregon's top federal law enforcement official in the state. He's required to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate. 

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Pentagon Says It's Staying In Syria, Even Though ISIS Appears Defeated

The U.S. is keeping its troops in Syria and continues to press for a political settlement to that country's civil war. It's far from clear the U.S. has sufficient leverage to achieve that.

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Trump Enters Fraught Territory By Criticizing Al Franken

The president, who has been accused of sexually assaulting women, has not publicly commented on accusations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.