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New Video: Aan's "Somewhere's Sunshine"

One of the first Portland releases of the new year we’re excited about is the full-length debut from Aan. Amor Ad Nauseum arrives February 4th via the local Party Damage label, marking a long and hard-fought culmination for the band (and, OK, all of us who’ve been waiting the three years or so it’s been in the works).

“Somewhere’s Sunshine” is a song that’s bounced around for quite a while now, although it’s clearly been refreshed for the new recording and it sounds fantastic. Portland’s own KYDJ directed this new video, which features a bit of old-school cowboy machismo from Aan frontman Bud Wilson (from one native Idahoan to another, I knew you had it in you, Bud), and some comic relief from bassist Reese Lawhon. What begins squarely in A Fistful of Dollars territory takes an expected detour through Blazing Saddles country, to great effect.

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