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Shoeshine Blue

Dancing Shoes

Shoeshine Blue, in-studio 10-6-09.

This spring’s release from Shoeshine Blue was titled Howl at the Wooden Moon — an understated record propelled by Michael Apinyakul’s blues-inflected lyrics and acoustic guitar, and band members drawn from some of Portland’s best-known folk-pop groups:  bassist William Joersz (Nick Jaina, Run on Sentence), violinist Shawn Mclain (Blind Pilot), singer/flutist Ali Wesley (Super XX Man), and drummer John Vecchiarelli.

In our studios recently, the band played trio versions of three songs from the record and a pair of new ones. Apinyakul talks about what he loves about old field recordings of blues players, his songwriting and what they try to achieve in their live shows.

Photos: Saxon Baird. See the photoset from the session here.

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