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Wye Oak

That I Do

This spring, the Baltimore duo Wye Oak released a new EP, My Neighbor / My Creator, which adds new saxophone and percussion layers to the band’s sound. They’re touring right now and they play the Doug Fir Lounge on April 27, opening for Shearwater.

We hosted the band in our studio last fall, as they finished a national tour opening for Portland’s Blitzen Trapper.

Though their sound is much bigger, Wye Oak is a duo: Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner. In this session, they play songs from their 2009 LP, The Knot, and talk about the challenges and benefits of working as a duo, how Andy drums one-handed (playing keys with the other), and being signed to Merge.


Recording engineer: Steven Kray with assistance from Saxon Baird.

Video and photos: Jason Quigley. View the photo set here.

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