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The Sadies

The Sadies - Ten More Songs

Recording engineers: Tony Olander (Mississippi Studios), recording
                                   Steven Kray (OPB), mixing

Video production: Molly Gard

Shooters: Jarratt Taylor / Molly Gard / Danny Felts

Photos: Tygan Meyer / Inger Klekacz - view the photo set here

Interview: Jeremy Petersen

When many think of bands led by brothers, it’s the knock down, drag out likes of the Davies or the Gallaghers that might come to mind, famously playing music with one hand while beating their bandmate/sibling with the other. For The Sadies, led by brothers Dallas and Travis Good, the only destruction apparent is the trail of scorched earth that tends to lay in the wake of their live performances. But then, brothers-as-band is a concept that runs in the family— they grew up amidst The Good Brothers, the country group led by their father and uncles.

On the heels of their appearance at this year’s Pickathon festival, the Toronto-based band (the brothers Good, alongside Sean Dean and Mike Balitsky) joined us for a typically blistering set in front of a live audience at Mississippi Studios. Along the way, they talk bloodlines, dressing to the nines and their aptly-titled latest, Darker Circles.

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