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Breathe Owl Breathe

Dog Walkers of the New Age

The band Breathe Owl Breathe is a trio based in Northern Michigan, where the three live in a cabin together — a cabin built by guitarist/singer Micah Middaugh’s family, and in which he grew up. Along with Middaugh, the band is cellist and singer Andrea Moreno-Beals and percussionist Trevor Hobbs. In this performance, they play songs from their upcoming release, Magic Central and their first record, Ghost Glacier. They talk about how their home and the natural world inform their songs, why they perform wearing capes, and how the group began.

Breathe Owl Breathe returns to Portland for this year’s Pickathon, August 6-8 at Pendarvis Farm.

Recorded 3-12-10 by Steven Kray, with assistance from Bill Ward.

Photos by : Inger Klekacz. See the full photo set here.

Video: Jarratt Taylor / Anthony DelCalzo / Jay Jaacks.

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