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Frightened Rabbit

Good Arms vs Bad Arms

Frightened Rabbit in-studio, 5-17-10

Engineer: Steven Kray, with assistance from Ted Cutler

The road can take a lot out of any band, but if you’re Frightened Rabbit— reloading and exploding in denouement twenty times a night, as their songs tend to do— it might seem at times like a neverending marathon, and an emotionally taxing one at that. It was no mistake, then, that frontman Scott Hutchison sought repose following the band’s last international tour in the coastal village of Crail, a sleepy burg far away not only from the constant hustle of a tour, but also from the band’s Glasgow base. He found the calm he was seeking, but he also happened on something he wasn’t necessarily looking for: a new batch of songs.

We talk to Hutchison and the band about the less angst-ridden direction of the new album, The Winter of Mixed Drinks, as well as its arena-sized sound (it’s no mistake that they’ve grown by two members since their previous album).

Photos: Inger Klekacz - see the full photo set here.

Video: Anthony DelCalzo / Jarrat Taylor / Jeremy Petersen


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