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Lost Lander

Lost Lander - Live at OPB, 1-18-12

Audio recording/mixing: Steven Kray, with technical assistance from Randy Layton

Video production: Josh McHale
Video shooters: Jarratt Taylor / Josh McHale / Cathy Lewis-Dougherty / Neil Maknarakham

Photos: Justin Thompson

Interview: Jeremy Petersen

DRRT, the just-released debut from Portland’s Lost Lander, actually began as what was to be the follow-up to Tigerphobia, the 2008 release from singer-songwriter Matt Sheehy. Sheehy had been working up demos on his own while touring as a member of Ramona Falls (the band fronted by former Menomena keyboardist and singer Brent Knopf), and on a whim asked Knopf if he’d produce his record. According to Sheehy, when Knopf unexpectedly agreed, he knew that the music was going to take a different direction and thus Lost Lander was born.

Playing songs that might be described as combining the organic with the technological, the live version of the band (Sheehy on vocals and guitar, with Sarah Fennell on keys and vocals, Dave Lowensohn on bass and vocals and Patrick Hughes on drums) joins us to play songs from DRRT (pronounced “dirt”) and talk about their formation, as well as the shape Knopf’s production gave to the project, and their upcoming touring plans (which include SXSW).

Fun facts: 1) Sheehy once starred in an early Menomena video, playing the role of the “Trashquatch” for the song “Cough Coughing”; 2) The inner CD sleeve of DRRT folds out into a mini planetarium, throwing the night sky onto the ceiling above when a flashlight is shined through the bottom.

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