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Clem Snide

The Girls Don't Care

Clem Snide in-studio, 5-19-10

Recording engineer: Steven Kray, with assistance from Bill Ward

Three or four years back, around about the time Clem Snide was in the midst of finishing up the recording for Hungry Bird, a cryptic message appeared on the band’s website. Backed by Eef Barzelay’s instrumental soundtrack work for Rocket Science, it simply read something along the lines of “Clem Snide is dead, long live Clem Snide!,” and left many of us (and the newly-recorded album) in limbo. In the interim, Barzelay released the quietly brilliant Lose Big (our set includes what is perhaps its best song), touring under his own name in its support as a trio and continuing to perform Clem Snide songs throughout.

Fast forward to early last year when it was announced that not only would the by then nearly three year old Hungry Bird be getting a release date, but a newly-formed Clem Snide (version 3.0, as it were) would be touring behind the album. Barzelay teamed with long time Snide bassist Brendan Fitzpatrick and newly-found drummer Ben Martin for the well-received tour, the fruits of which ending up largely in the batch of new songs that make up this year’s The Meat of Life.

We talk to Barzelay about his band’s return from the almost dead, the role that fatherhood has played in his songs in recent years, and his novel (and enterprising) new recording idea.

Photos: Inger Klekacz

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Video: Jarratt Taylor / Anthony DelCalzo / Jake Braafladt

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