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Run On Sentence


Run On Sentence in-studio, 7-14-10

Recording engineer: Steven Kray, with assistance from Bill Ward

Incorporating elements of folk, latin, vintage jazz and punk, the Portland band led by the singing and songwriting of Dustin Hamman joins us to play songs from the new album, You The Darkness and Me, out soon on Hush. We talk to Hamman about the influence of solitude and the nautural world on his music— specifically the time he spends working on the grounds of a Washington winery— and the role the Portland scene plays in its creation (Hamman was joined for our session by John Whaley, Nick Jaina, Amanda Lawrence, Scott Magee and Willem Joerz).

Photos: Inger Klekacz, see the full photo set here

Video: Jarratt Taylor / Jake Braafladt

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