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Sea of Bees


Sea of Bees in-studio, 8-18-10

Recording engineer: Steven Kray, with assistance from Bill Ward

The vehicle for the songs of Sacramento’s Julie Ann Bee, Sea of Bees seems to have arrived fully formed on the debut album out this year called Songs for the Ravens. It’s an effort full of pure pop songs with high, clear vocals that bring to mind vintage Kate Bush, while others cite a Scandinavian flavor. Both are lost on Bee, who has little experience with either.

We talk to Bee, joined for our session by Amber Padgett on vocals and guitar, about her swift ascent, her surprisingly young relationship with pop music, and the romantic bent to many of her songs (on a related note, she also gives us a bonus version of the song that may have originally sent her down that path: U2’s “With or Without You”).

Photos: Inger Klekacz. See the full set here.

Video: Jarratt Taylor / Anthony DelCalzo / Ethan Derner

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