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Finn Riggins

Finn Riggins at Mississippi Studios for opbmusic, 5-9-08

Drawing inspiration and influence from several musical realms— a bit of prog here, some indie rock there, an occasional steel drum thrown in for good measure, Finn Riggins‘ sound is slippery to say the least. Reviews name-drop everyone from Frank Zappa to the Talking Heads to Rainer Maria in mostly futile attempts to pin down the sound, while the band themselves cite a determined approach to not limit themselves to a preconceived notion of what they should sound like (they play what feels “right”, as singer and guitarist Lisa Simpson told us during the session).

A Soldier, a Saint, an Ocean Explorer, Finn Riggins’ full-length debut out late last year on Tender Loving Empire, does an impressive job of capturing the frenetic energy they bring to their live performances with a collection of songs that feel like a whirlwind cross-country roadtrip. From the opening notes of “Glove Comprtmnt” to the shapeshifting, kind-of-like-the-title-track closer, there’s hardly a rest— a fact that makes sense given that the record was recorded in three days while in the midst of a busy tour. We talked to the band about the process of recording the record, the double-edge sword of being based in Idaho, the adventure of life on the road, and their Portland connection.


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