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Dearly Departed (Various)

Matt Sheehy - Through Your Bones

Dearly Departed featuring Kate Sokoloff, Ritchie Young, Matt Sheehy, and Pete Krebs in-studio, 10-23-08

Just in time for Halloween, we’re treated to an in-studio visit from some of the artists involved with the new all-Portland compilation, (D)early Departed: True Lies in Song Unearthed From Lone Fir. In case you haven’t heard, the benefit album, (proceeds go to the Friends of Lone Fir Cemetery), uncovers fifteen rather sordid tales from Portland’s past with the help of a number of recognizable (and living) names from the local scene. Storm Large is here, as are the Adams (Shearer of Weinland and Selzer of Norfolk & Western), Amelia and Holcombe Waller, too. All of the songs on the original collection are based on true tales of untimely deaths culled straight from the interred at the Lone Fir Cemetery, which happens to be Portland’s oldest— some of the composers taking more poetic license than others, but all of them making sure to get the end results right.

Our session features performances of songs from the album from Loch Lomond‘s Ritchie Young and from Matt Sheehy, as well as a visit with producer Kate Sokoloff (of LiveWire!), who fills us in on the origins of the intriguing project. We also hear from Pete Krebs, who, like Young and Sheehy, discusses his interest in the character behind and the process involved in his composition.

In short, Portland’s present brings to life Portland’s past in a macabre collection of axe murderers, drunkard poets, and the like. Call it an historical haunt, perhaps. Listen to samples from (and/or purchase) the album here.

See and hear more on the Lone Fir Cemetery here.

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