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Super XX Man

There'll Be Diamonds

Super XX Man in-studio @ OPB, 10-3-08

This being the occasion of the 12th release in the 13-year existence of Scott Garred’s Super XX Man, it’s somewhat remarkable that portions of his other life, that as a music therapist at the Oregon State Hospital, don’t seem to have creeped into the lyrical content until now. Vol. XII: There’ll Be Diamonds is, in fact, informed almost excusively by people Garred’s job brings to him. Some are specific, like the girl “who plays guitar until her fingers are bleeding” in the tongue-in-cheek-titled “Crazy People,” while others seem like they could perhaps be drawn from a collection of character-types— the paranoid narrator of “Cautious Like a Panther,” for example. In a way, There’ll Be Diamonds is, among other things, a kind of statement of advocacy for a group of people who have often been dehumanized by stereotypes— it just happens to work well as a pop record, too.

We talked to Garred about working with Super XX Man’s current line-up (which includes his wife, Michelle, singer Ali Wesley, bassist Kelley Dachtler, and Bob Ham on drums), the hospital jam sessions he hosts, and the band’s upcoming release party for the new album (November 23rd at the Someday Lounge).

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Recording engineer: Steven Kray
Technical assistance: Randy Layton

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