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Piano Hymn

Weinland in-studio, 3-26-09

Recording engineer: Steven Kray

Technical assistance: Randy Layton

Just ahead of their third full-length release and second in a year on the Badman label, the Portland band Weinland pays us a second in-studio visit— thus becoming the first band to do so. When they were last here in August of 2007, the act then known as John Weinland were in the early stages of the recording that would eventually become last year’s La Lamentor. This time around, they look ahead to the April 21st release of Breaks In the Sun, and in the process talk about the relatively quick turnaround between recordings, the unique funding circumstances surrouding the new record, and the effect that time on the road together has had on their music.

Look for Weinland on the road later this spring and summer.

View photos from the session.


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