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AgesandAges - No Nostalgia

AgesandAges in-studio, 2-7-11

The conversation about Portland’s AgesandAges begins where the one about Pseudosix ends, if only because the bands share frontman Tim Perry and a member or two in common. Indeed, there’s not a lot beyond that to point to as shared, the new band’s rather sunny, dare we say optimistic, songs full of harmonies and handclaps replacing the darker hues of the old band. The new direction is perhaps embodied best by the joyous, forward vision that is “No Nostalgia”, our most played song in 2010 and finally with a proper album home on the just-released debut Alright You Restless, out on Knitting Factory.

The band joins us at Revolver Studios for a set of songs from the new record, and also talks about recording with Kevin Robinson (of Viva Voce, Blue Giant), the steps they took to capture a more live, natural sound on the record, and the often missed value of handclaps.

Recording engineers: Collin Hegna / Nalin Silva at Revolver Studios

Video: Ethan Derner / Anthony DelCalzo

Photos: Inger Klekacz - see the full photo set here

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