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AM & Shawn Lee

AM & Shawn Lee - Lonely Life

Recording engineer: Steven Kray, with technical assistance from Randy Layton

Video production: Jarratt Taylor
Video shooters: Jarratt Taylor / Anthony Del Calzo / David Christensen / Ifanyi Bell

Photos: David Christensen / Ifanyi Bell

Interview: Jeremy Petersen

The fruits of a collaboration that blossomed out of a mutual admiration for one another’s music and a shared love of vintage grooves, Celestial Electric is the debut from L.A.-based singer-songwriter AM and London-based producer/multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee. Already established as solo artists, the duo known for their respective retro flavors worked on most of the project via email— a necessity, given their across the world bases. The result is as easy and natural sounding as the process apparently was, with Lee describing the pairing as “effortless.” 

AM & Shawn Lee join us as a four-piece (along with Brett Bixby on keys and Pete McNeal on drums) to play a set from the record and talk about their process of collaboration, their association with Thievery Corporation’s ESL label, and the cover of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils’ “Jackie Blue” that ended up on the debut.

The duo remains on tour with U.S. dates wrapping next month before a European tour with Thievery Corporation in 2012.


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