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Battleme at OPB

opbmusic | April 18, 2014 3 p.m. | Updated: July 2, 2014 10:54 a.m.

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Matt Drenik relocated from Austin to Portland in 2009, and began recording as Battleme. His first record was a solo affair - Drenik played all the parts - and produced a memorable video for “Touch” where he rides through town in a kind of hot-rod hospital gurney. His brand new release, Future Runs Magnetic, is a full band recording. Drenik, along with Paul Pulvirenti, JJ Eliot, and Chad Savage, played this set of songs from the new record in the studio at OPB. Battleme is currently on tour on the East Coast. They play a homecoming show at Doug Fir Lounge on June 6th.



Audio recording: Steven Kray, with technical assistance from Randy Layton

Video production: Nate Sjol

Shooters: Sam Smith, John Rosman, and David Christensen

Executive Producer: David Christensen

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