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Cate Le Bon

CYRK (pronounced “serk”), the latest and second album from Welsh singer Cate Le Bon, is something of a study in contrasts. At once pastoral and psychedelic, lyrically haunting but not without musical whimsy, the record expertly walks a line that brings it across as fresh and disarming (or is that disarmingly fresh?).

Le Bon joins us with her band to play songs from CYRK, and talk about the origin behind that title, her association with Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys (her Me Oh My debut was the first to be released on his Irony Bored label back in 2009), and the significance of the Welsh language in her life and music.


Cate Le Bon, studio session at OPB, 2-23-12

Audio recording/mixing: Steven Kray, with technical assistance from Jonathan Newsome

Video shooters: Jarratt Taylor / Neil Maknarakham / David Christensen

Photos: Jeremy Petersen

Executive Producer: David Christensen


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