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Climber - I Have Seen Everything

Climber in-studio, 12-28-10.

Recording by Steven Kray, with assitance from Ted Cutler

Portland indie-electro outfit Climber are one of those rare bands that pull-off the difficult task of finding the right balance between sonic experimentation and catchy pop sensibility. Their latest album, The Mystic, surges ahead from where they left off on 2007’s I Dream In Autoplay with a collection of prog-pop gems that reward the repeat listener.

The band stopped by our studios in their brilliantly colored stage garb to play a batch of songs from The Mystic and to discuss the creative process for the record, their lives as school teachers, and avoiding “the middle way”. 

Videos: Ethan Derner, with Anthony DelCalzo.

Photos: Inger Klekacz. See the photo set.

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