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Cotton Jones

Cotton Jones - Dream on Columbia Street

Cotton Jones hails from the small town of Cumberland, Maryland, and the town plays a key role in the songwriting of frontman Michael Nau. Street names and nearby landscapes turn up in songs, as do memories of Nau’s childhood there.

Nau and singer/keys player Whitney McGraw started in the former band Page France. As often happens, what began as a side project (Cotton Jones’ Basket Ride) has now become the only project, and old members of Page France contribute to the recording if not the touring band.

Last year the band released Tall Hours in the Glowstream, the fullest expression yet of the group’s summer-in-kodachrome style. Just before their current tour, they put out a 4-song EP called Sit Beside Your Vegetables.

Cotton Jones recorded at OPB, 2-14-11. Recording engineer: Steven Kray with assistance from Randy Layton. Video: Jarratt Taylor and Anthony DelCalzo. Photos: Inger Klekacz.

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