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LAKE- Skeleton Costume

Recording engineer: Steven Kray, with technical assistance from Julie Mosebar-Johnson

Video production: Molly Gard
Shooters: Molly Gard / Jarratt Taylor / Danny Felts

Interview: Jeremy Petersen

Photos: Inger Klekacz — see the session’s full photo set

Giving & Receiving is the title of the latest release from LAKE, like its predecessor (2009’s Let’s Build a Roof) showing off an increasing sophistication and nuance in the band’s sound, even while they’ve also embraced musical adventure. Elements of retro soul and blurred-around-the-edges soft rock co-mingle with lo-fi orchestral pop on their third release on K Records. Originally forming in Olympia back in 2005 after some of its members had relocated to town to attend The Evergreen State College, it’s only been recently that LAKE has found themselves all located in the Pacific Northwest once again after various circumstances led to them spending some time apart. (Ashley Eriksson and Eli Moore live on Whidbey Island, while Lindsay Schief, Andrew Dorsett and Markly Morrison are all back in Olympia).

We talk to the band about creating together versus creating apart, working with the likes of Karl Blau and Calvin Johnson on recent efforts, and the digital rescue that saved their new record from peril (the original analog tape began to turn to brown dust before their eyes).

Look for LAKE at this year’s Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle— they play alongside (they wanted us to be sure to point out) Hall & Oates (among others) on the same night (Sept. 5th) if not the same venue. They’re back in Portland this October 8th at Mississippi Studios.


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