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Matthew Sweet

Matthew Sweet - She Walks the Night

Recording engineer: Steven Kray

Video production: Danny Felts
Video shooters: Danny Felts / David Christensen / Ifanyi Bell

Interview: Jeremy Petersen

Like the ghostly presence of the subject behind his new single “She Walks the Night,” Matthew Sweet‘s past is forever catching up with him. It’s not a haunting, exactly— 1991’s Girlfriend continues to be revered by fans and critics alike, and even while Sweet has been touring in support of his new Modern Art (out recently on Missing Piece), he’s also been prepping for 20th anniversary shows that will see him perform that seminal record from front to back. He seems at ease with re-creating his vintage, telling us that the hardest part in some cases is remembering what he played and how he did it.

Our session finds Sweet straddling past and present, too, as he gets to a pair of songs from Modern Art, a record on which he says he purposely sought a more abstract creative path; and a pair that originate on early 90’s stalwarts Girlfriend and Altered Beast. Along the way he talks 80’s music (he’s recently started work on a third volume of covers with Suzanna Hoffs, this time mining the music of the me decade), and the connection he’s found between making music and the other surprising new artistic passion he’s been cultivating of late.


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