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Mount Moriah

Mount Moriah - Social Wedding Rings


Mount Moriah‘s debut LP, released last year, was a surprise of the best kind. Not knowing anything about the Durham/Chapel Hill North Carolina band at all, I was taken by the group’s sound from the first listen. Mount Moriah’s style is anchored by Heather McEntire’s expressive voice and by Jenks Miller’s wiry guitar — which reminds me a little bit of Wilco’s Nels Cline on songs like “Only Way Out” in this session. The band takes their name from the biblical Mount Moriah — where Abraham, it’s said, took Isaac to be sacrificed — which is now the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Religion, sacrifices of a kind, love and letting go wind their way through the band’s lyrics.

Mount Moriah has made a few visits to Portland recently, opening for Indigo Girls at the zoo last summer, and for The Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn most recently. In this set at OPB, Mount Moriah plays four songs from their debut (self-titled) LP.

Recording by Steven Kray with technical assistance from Jonathan Newsome

Video production by Neil Maknarakham with Jarratt Taylor, and Cathy Lewis-Daugherty

Executive Producer: David Christensen

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