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Old 97's

Old 97's - Champaign, Illinois

Recording engineer: Steven Kray, with technical assistance from Bill Ward

Video production: Jarratt Taylor
Shooters: David Christensen / Jeremy Petersen

Photos: Inger Klekacz— see the full photo set

From humble beginnings almost two decades ago in Rhett Miller’s mother’s Dallas garage, the Old 97’s have enjoyed a unique if not always chart-topping career trajectory. Soon to be nine albums in (The Grand Theater Volume Two is out July 5th on New West), the band is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. On the contrary, they’ve been as prolific as ever in recent years despite other parts of their lives that have pulled them to opposite ends of the country.

Miller (fresh off a bout of Sasquatch double-dutch) and bassist Murry Hammond, the duo sometimes known as The Ranchero Brothers, joined us recently to play stripped down takes on songs from the last couple of Old 97’s records. They also talked about their longevity, their reasons behind splitting The Grand Theater into two volumes, and how they’ve continued to function as a band despite living so far apart.

Look for Rhett Miller’s return to Portland this September as part of MusicFest NW.


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