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Old Light

Old Light - Automn

Recording engineer: Steven Kray, with technical assistance from Julie Mosebar-Johnson

Video production: Jarratt Taylor
Shooters: Molly Gard / Jarratt Taylor

Interview: Jeremy Petersen

Photos: Inger Klekacz— see the entire set here


If there’s one thing that can be said about Old Light, it’s that they play with intention— a quality that shines through in our session with the Portland band. Yet, their story is one about an almost accidental band, one whose beginning was (like a lot of things in this town) brought about in part because of coffee.

As guitarist/singer Charlie Hester tells it, it was his gig slinging espresso that led to regular meetings with San Francisco transplant Garth Steel Klippert and the parade of musician friends he’d bring around for morning after gig wake-me-ups. Before long, the two were talking music and Klippert was passing a demo of some “autoharp songs” to Hester, who himself is a longtime member of The Parson Red Heads. It wasn’t long before Klippert got a call with Hester on the other end telling him, “I’m in your band. I booked us a show. When’s practice?” Such is the interesting past that led to Old Light’s debut The Dirty Future, out last October on Arena Rock.

Now a filled-out five-piece (Klippert and Hester joined by bassist Patrick Finn and dueling drummers Todd Roper and Scott DeMay), the band joined us for an amped up set of songs from their debut. They also talk about their seemingly fated formation, upcoming recording plans and the notion of “intergenerational radness.” 

Old Light plays Pickathon this weekend, with sets Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, as well as Holocene August 10th, and a MusicFest NW date at Bunk Bar September 9th.


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