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The Wooden Birds

The Wooden Birds - Folly Cub

Recording engineer: Steven Kray, with technical assistance from Ted Cutler

Video production: Jarratt Taylor / Molly Gard
Shooters: Nate Sjol / Molly Gard / Dave Christensen

Photos: Inger Klekacz —see the full photo set

The Wooden Birds return to our studios to play songs from their recent Two Matchsticks, out recently on Barsuk. Andrew Kenny mines elements of his former band, American Analog Set, to produce a sound that is at once new and more organic than his past work, yet likely familiar to old fans. It’s also a more band-oriented effort from The Wooden Birds this go-around, the result of having the chance to write and tour with the new material as a unit (which in this case includes Kenny, Leslie Sisson, Matt Pond, Chris Hansen and Sean Haskins).


See/hear The Wooden Birds’ previous session, recorded in June of 2009.

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