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Invasive Species in the News

by producer Ed Jahn

  1. Quagga SWAT teams in Utah?
    Utah just passed a law empowering law enforcement to inspect and detain vehicles and boats that may be infested with quagga mussels. Washington has a similar law. Oregon has nothing. Just sayin’.
  2. Rock snot. Nuff said.
    It's funny till you read about it.
  3. My garden, my enemy
    A bit about standing up to invasive species by beginning in our own backyard.
  4. Invaders CAN be wiped out
    Kudos to Illinois for not giving up till the job is done!
  5. And you thought gators were scary
    Reptiles make fun pets. I get it. But pythons and monitor lizards and boa constrictors?

To learn more about invasive species, explore this list of key resources.

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