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The Selling of Santa, Idaho

November 17, 2005

1117_santa.jpgInternet marketer Mark Hughes in Santa, ID The tiny hamlet of Santa, Idaho is like a lot of Northwest towns: it's on the brink of financial crisis.

But just when things are really starting to look bad, along comes a proposal: an internet entrepreneur is asking Santa to change its name to "SecretSanta.com."

The business goal is to promote a website. Correspondent Elizabeth Wynne Johnson went to find out what's in it for Santa.

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Just listened to the piece about proposal for Santa, Idaho, to sell their "town name" as a dot.com.

The piece ended with a brief follow up on Halfway, Oregon, that for a brief time masqueraded as "Half.com" and the commentator concluded that it turned out OKay.

OOPS -- not sure that is true. I think I read that based on financing promises, Halfway spent a lot of money on upgrading either the fairgrounds (or rodeo grounds) -- then the money didn't come through from the dot.com sugar-daddy and the county almost had to sell the property.

PLEASE FOLLOW UP ON THIS -- maybe it IS true that if it seems to good to be true, it isn't! Watch out, Santa, Idaho!

Posted by: M Andrews at November 17, 2005 05:11 PM

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