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Lawsuit Filed Against NSA For Wiretapping

0228_wiretap.jpgA lawsuit filed in Portland Tuesday alleges the federal government illegally wiretapped lawyers for an Islamic charity based in Ashland, Oregon.

The case is thought to be the most specific allegation of warrantless wiretapping against the National Security Agency. Colin Fogarty reports.
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NW States Back in the Black, But Will it Last?

For the first time since the September 11th attacks, Washington and Idaho have healthy budget surpluses.

Even in Oregon, where human service costs are a $172 million more than expected, tax revenue is flowing into the state's bank account. But across the region, lawmakers hardly feel like they've won the lottery.

Instead they have serious concerns about the future. Olympia Correspondent Austin Jenkins has this regional budget round up.
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Sten Vs. Burdick Campaign Begins

State Senator Ginny Burdick marked the official beginning of her race for Portland City Council Thursday with a bike ride.

She is gunning for Commissioner Erik Sten's seat, saying city residents can't afford to pour money into what she calls pet projects like the Water Bureau billing system, the aerial tram, and the failed effort to buy PGE.
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Oregon Senators Work For More Money To Fight Meth

Oregon Senators Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith met with federal and local law enforcement officials in Portland Wednesday).

The topic was methamphetamine - how much money is being spent curbing the drug's use and what Congress is doing about it.

Next week, the U.S. Senate votes on a major anti-methamphetamine bill. But as Colin Fogarty reports, local detectives say meth is getting worse.

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Oregon High Court Upholds Measure 37

0221_court.jpgOregon's one-of-a-kind property compensation initiative, Measure 37, is back.

The Oregon Supreme Court reinstated the pay-or-waive initiative Tuesday, reversing a lower court decision that had found it unconstitutional.

Justices had piles of legal briefs; an hour-and-a-half of oral argument last month and thousands of compensation claims waiting. But the Court took just six weeks and a few dozen pages to unanimously blast the ruling Marion County Judge Mary James handed down in October.

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Piano Prodigy Deals With Celebrity And Unlearning Bad Habits

0216_waters2.jpgLast October, we brought you the story of Stanley Waters, a piano prodigy who showed promise despite an unstable childhood.

Stanley Waters was originally profiled in the Willamette Week newspaper. For most of his 18 years, his mother was addicted to crack cocaine. Now, she's clean and Stanley has begun the long journey toward developing his talent.

Colin Fogarty followed up and has this update.

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City Continues To Dig Into PGE's Finances

0208_pge.jpgThe trial of Enron executives Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling has moved into its third week in Houston and a witness with links to Portland is testified Wednesday.

Kenneth Rice headed Enron's broadband unit, which was based in the Rose City. Rice was asked about a 2001 meeting in Portland with Lay and Skilling where they decided to layoff 250 local workers of the broadband company.

As the trial grinds on, so does the city of Portland's probe of PGE, Enron's last standing U.S. company. Ley Garnett has this update.

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Westlund Plans To Run For Governor as Independent

0214_westlund.jpgOregon state Senator Ben Westlund announced Tuesday that he's dropping his Republican party affiliation and launching an independent bid for governor.

Westlund has represented Bend in the Oregon legislature for nearly a decade.

In a press conference at the state capitol he said the state is, in his words, "mired in mediocrity because extreme partisanship too often trumps good public policy."

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