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4/30/2007 - A Day With Oregon's Congressman On A Bike

Earl Blumenauer represents Portland in the U.S. House of Representatives. He doesn't fit the Congressional stereotype.

There are common, bizarre and even playful aspects to his not-so-normal life. In the next installment of our occasional series on Oregon's congressional delegation, Capitol correspondent Matt Laslo followed Blumenauer around Capitol Hill.
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4/26/2007 - Oregon High Court Rules On Trash Searches

The Oregon Supreme Court talked trash Thursday. The justices ruled that police don't need a warrant to search garbage, once it's collected by the trash company.
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4/25/2007 - State Mulls Options For Timber Payment Counties

0425_timbertour1.jpgThe end of Federal payments to timber dependent counties has largely been a showdown between Congress and county governments.

It's unclear what role, if any, state governments should take as county governments slash services and lay off workers.

Local officials in Oregon turned to state lawmakers for help recently. Correspondent Chris Lehman has more from Coos County on the south Oregon coast.
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4/24/2007 - The Big Turnoff: One Woman's Tale Of Avoiding The Tube

Ellen Currey-Wilson used to watch a lot of TV. The huge number of commercials on most stations was just one of many reasons she decided after she became pregnant that her child would not watch any TV at all before he turned 6.

Ellen Currey-Wilson has just written a book chronicling her experience. It's called: The Big Turnoff: Confessions of a TV-Addicted Mom trying to Raise a TV-Free kid.

Some of her public appearances were timed to coincide with TV turnoff week, which is, in case you missed it, this week.
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4/23/2007 - Sen. Wyden: A Long-Time Fan Of The Underdog

0423_wyden.jpgOregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden has walked the halls of the U.S. Capitol for more than 25 years.

As he moves through his third term in the Senate, Wyden hopes to finally make his mark with the help of a Democratic majority.

In our continuing series profiling Oregon's congressional delegation, Capitol correspondent Terry Gildea spent a day with the state's senior Senator.

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4/19/2007 - 'Health Care Access' Means More Than Insurance

0419_ruralclinic.jpgThere's a lot of discussion around the state capitol these days about improving access to health care.

But universal health insurance is meaningless if you can't get to the doctor's office.

Correspondent Chris Lehman visited a clinic in rural central Oregon to find out what it's like to stay healthy when your neighbors are sagebrush and jackrabbits.

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4/18/2007 - First Democrat Steps Forward To Challenge Sen. Smith

0418_novick.jpgPortland attorney Steve Novick launched his bid for the U.S. Senate Wednesday. The Democratic activist faces a big challenge running against a two-term senator, Gordon Smith.

But Oregon Democrats are energized after last year's election -- even if their first candidate for the 2008 Senate race is not very well known.
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