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5/31/2007 - Kicking Off Portland's Biggest Party

0531_funcenter.jpgPortland's 100th Rose Festival started in historic style Thursday afternoon. Two tall ships sailed up the Willamette River to dock at the Waterfront downtown, along with vessels from the Navy, the Coast Guard and others.

The Rose Festival's Grand Floral Parade is Saturday, June 9th, and most of the big events will be wrapped up by June 10th.

Kristian Foden-Vencil talked to people at the festival site as they made last minute preparation and filed this audio postcard.
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5/30/2007 - Family Revives 'Ellis Island Of The Columbia River'

0530_knappton.jpgWho knew the Northwest had it's own "Ellis Island"?

Nearly 100,000 immigrants passed through the port of entry at Astoria between 1899 and 1938.

The U.S. Quarantine Station on the Washington side of the river is now in private hands. The family owners say their nearly forgotten slice of immigration history can shed light on our current immigration debate.

Correspondent Tom Banse reports from the mouth of the Columbia River.
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Portland Bets Its Money On Smart Cars
Salem Hospital Sends Midwives Packing
Oregon Legislature Could Punt Two Major Issues To Voters
Budget Cuts Make It Rough For Multnomah County's New Chair

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5/29/2007 - Making Washington A Hub For Plug-In Hybrid Cars

0524_plugin.jpgHow would you like to fuel up for 75 cents per gallon? Engineers estimate it might even cost less than that to fuel a hybrid electric car with cheap Northwest hydropower.

A coalition of utilities and local governments hopes the Northwest can become a development hub for such plug-in cars. Correspondent Tom Banse has more from Wenatchee, Washington.
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To Bike Or Not To Bike

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5/24/2007 - Violent Gang Problem Plagues Rural Northwest

0524_sunnyside.jpgPolice across the Northwest are noticing a disturbing trend. Violent gang activity is on the rise once again. And it's not just in big cities.

In fact one epicenter of the problem appears to be Washington's Yakima County. That's farm country.

In the town of Sunnyside, city leaders this week passed a controversial ordinance that makes gang membership illegal. Other towns may soon follow suit. Correspondent Austin Jenkins reports.
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5/23/2007 - PGE Prepares To Remove Two Dams On The Sandy River

0523_dam3.jpgFor nearly a century, Portland General Electric has gotten some of its power from the Sandy River basin.

Now, the company is preparing to vacate the Sandy and Little Sandy Rivers and turn much of the land over for conservation.

Eight years ago, PGE decided it would be more expensive to repair and keep up the Marmot and Little Sandy Dams than to just tear them out. Colin Fogarty was among several reporters who went on the last tour of the dams before removal begins this summer.
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Sandy River Dams Audio Slideshow

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Senate Nixes 'Open Primaries' Bill
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5/22/2007 - Grocers Say Bottle Bill Update Should Be Canned

0406_bottles.jpgLook around your car. Chances are there are some empty plastic water bottles rolling around. You probably plan on recycling them at some point, right?
In Oregon, less than a third of water bottles sold each year actually are recycled. Lawmakers want to dramatically increase that percentage.
They're on the verge of adding water bottles to the list of items that require buyers to fork over a nickel deposit. But the move has generated considerable opposition from the grocery industry.
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Clearing The Air: More Smoking Bans Pass Oregon Senate
Former Reporter Turned Foster Care Advocate Sues Washington
Report Finds School Buildings At Risk In Earthquake
New Beavers/Timbers Owner Sees Their Value To Community

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5/21/2007 - A Busy Day In The House With Rep. David Wu

0521_wu.jpgThis year Congressman David Wu began his fifth term representing Oregon's first congressional district, which stretches from Portland to the Oregon Coast.

Wu serves on three committees in Congress including the Science Committee, Education and Labor, and the Foreign Affairs committee. As part of OPB's continuing series on Oregon's congressional delegation, correspondent Max Cacas spent a day with Representative David Wu.
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Lake Oswego Students Challenge City's Curfew Laws
Senate Passes Funds For More Troopers
Merging Schools For Deaf And Blind Debated In Salem

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5/17/2007 - Inside The Volcano: Slow-Brewing Mystery Stew

0517_sthelens1.jpgMay 18th is a big anniversary date in the Northwest. It's the day Mount St Helens blew its top 27 years ago.

There hasn't been a towering steam and ash plume from the volcano for more than a year now. But the lava dome in the crater continues to grow, slowly and steadily.

Nobody knows how long this phase of the eruption will last. Correspondent Tom Banse reports Mount St Helens presents something of a scientific puzzle.
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Defense Department Faults Commanders In Death Of Madras Soldier
Jurors Side With Two Accusers In Sex Abuse Case
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5/16/2007 - Eco-saboteurs Fight Potential 'Terrorist' Label

0516_ecoterror.jpgAre they mere arsonists or are they terrorists?

That's what a federal judge in Eugene is mulling over today as it pertains to a group of radical environmentalists. The judge is preparing to sentence ten people for their roles in a long spree of firebombings across the Northwest.

Correspondent Tom Banse reports from Eugene on arguments over what exactly constitutes "terrorism" in this day and age.

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TOWN SQUARE - Are They Terrorists Or Just Arsonists?
How do you define terrorism? Does arson and sabotage count, even if no lives were lost or even targeted? Let us know your thoughts on terrorism and justice in Town Square.

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5/15/2007 - Higher Education Gets Boost From Latest Budget Numbers

Oregon lawmakers learned Tuesday they'll have more money to spend than previously thought as they enter the final weeks of the session.

The consensus seems to be that most of the extra money will go towards the state's universities and community colleges.

Salem correspondent Chris Lehman reports.
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