"Rethinking the Forests" began production as a show about "sustainable forestry." That's a slippery concept, it turns out. Sustain what? By whose standards? Toward what end? Timber production? Watershed health? Historic conditions? Species diversity? Age diversity? Habitat? Human recreation?

But Oregonians have even bigger problems: Because we share no real vision of what we want our forests to look like, we spend way too much time in shrill debate over definitions and details, in terms defined by the loud voices at the extremes. We're trapped in reactionary, "he said/she said" conflicts and in continual appeals to third-party decision-makers. We've got to do something differently. We need at least a glimpse of where we might want to go.

“Seneca, the Roman senator, said 'No wind is the right wind, if you don't know what port you're sailing for.' You've got to have a vision, you've got to have direction. That's the first step.”

The Changing Forests

A look at history, ownership and production in Oregon's diverse and ever-changing forests.
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Trends and Issues

How the decisions of policymakers, managers and consumers affect our forests.
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New Ideas for Management

The non-timber values of forests and the emergence of "sustainable forestry."
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Explore More

Additional resources including websites, suggested reading and bonus materials from the program.
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