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The Oregon Story Series

Since 1997, OPB has been developing educational programming and supplementary Web content to encourage statewide education about Oregon's relationship with the land. This chapter of The Oregon Story explores volunteering as a key indicator of Oregonians' engagement with each other, their community, and the State.

Funding for The Oregon Story: Rethinking the Forests is provided through the Education Program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture/Rural Development.

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Broadcast Production Team

The OPB broadcast program The Oregon Story: Rethinking the Forests was created with the assistance of:

Director and Producer
Eric Cain

Bruce Barrow

Nick Fisher
Todd Sonflieth
Tom Shrider

Associate Producer
Morgan Currie

Field Audio
William Ward
Randy Layton

Music Tim Ware

Additional Video & Photography
Ellen Bishop

Doug Brazil

Video and Still Images
Gerry Ellis
Glen Murphy
Auburn University Extension
New Zealand Forest Research Institute

Post-production Audio
Steven Kray

Post-production Video
Howard Beckerman

Special Thanks
Jack Berry
Boise Cascade
Mike Crockett
Mike Gaudern
Peter Green
Leslie Lehman
Ed Jahn
Tom Spies
Tom Knudsen
Starkey Forests
Mark DuBois
Mario Lightfoot
Diane Snyder
Jan (kitz)
Thea Bergeron
Nathan Lowry
Jane O'Keeffe

Executive Producer
Steve Amen

Director of Local Production
Jeff Douglas

Executive in Charge of Production
Jack Galmiche

Site Production

OPB Interactive develops companion Web sites for the Oregon Story series. OPB Interactive has also produced a number of Web sites for PBS.org, as well as enhanced-TV prototypes, books, and extensive promotion and education/outreach campaigns for PBS primetime programs.

The OPB Web site The Oregon Story: Rethinking the Forests was created with the assistance of:

Executive Producer | Marion Rice, E.D.d.
Copywriter | Jeff Gersh
Copy Editor | Margot Chase


Web Design and Production - Hot Pepper Studios:

Executive Producer | Brad M. Smith
Producer | Susan Prior
Designer | Eli Castillo
Programmer | Twayn Williams


Use Restrictions

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