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Resources for better understanding forest management issues and the environment.

Online Readings

"State of Denial"
Tom Knudson's remarkable (and Pulitzer-winning) series about some of the unintended consequences of conservation. [Sacramento Bee, 2003]

The Kitzhaber Center
Very pertinent Speeches and Testimony by John Kitzhaber

"Why Not In My Back Yard?" (PDF document)
Dr. Jim Bowyer, date

Starker Lecture Series
A great lecture series, quite relevant to many of the issues portrayed in the program. Two especially good ones:


Collins Companies
One of the first timber companies in the U.S. certified for meeting international standards for ecosystem health, community benefits and sustainable harvests.

Environmental Building Supplies
A source in Oregon for certified wood products.

Forest Stewardship Council
The non-profit organization that puts its seal on goods certified as originating from forests managed for ecosystem health, community benefits and sustainable harvests.
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Oregon Department of Forestry
The agency that manages forest practices in Oregon also maintains a collection of useful studies and reports.

Oregon Forest Resources Institute
A state-funded organization which maintains an extensive collection of helpful research-based publications exploring significant issues in forest management.

USDA Forest Service
A place to learn about the manager of the majority of federal forestlands in Oregon.

Sustainable Oregon
A state-sponsored initiative on sustainability, with an extensive collection of links on sustainable forestry and related issues.

Oregon Small Woodlands Association
An independent, non-profit organization supporting the efforts of family forest owners.

Wallowa Resources
A rural, community-based organization working on "the restoration of the forest ecosystem to secure the social, cultural, ecological and economic health."

World Forestry Center
A Portland-based non-profit devoted to educating the public about the significance and challenges of the world's forests.

The American Tree Farm System
Clint Bentz's family forest was recently ATFS's "National Tree Farm of the Year"


Gardeners of Eden: Rediscovering Our Importance to Nature
Dan Dagget, Aug., 2005 (recommended by Doug McDaniel)

This Sovereign Land: A New Vision For Governing The West
Daniel Kemmis, June, 2001 (recommended by John Kitzhaber)

Good News for a Change: How Everyday People are Helping the Planet
David T. Suzuki and Holly Dressel, Sept., 2003

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