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Resources for Building Social Networks

Online Readings

Essays on the Civic Renewal Movement
This page provides links to a solid selection of writings by "leading practitioners and thinkers," regarding active citizenship, community empowerment, and civic renewal.
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Civic Practices Network (CPN)
CPN is a collaborative, nonpartisan project dedicated to sharing practical methods for public problem solving. The site contains links to online resources, a guide to the language of civic renewal, and other tools.
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Provides strategies for reconnecting with others, and practical information about how to do it. Includes a Social Capital Primer and a realistic list of "150 things you can do to build social capital."
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Rural Development Initiatives
"A catalyst for community vitality in rural areas," RDI offers useful resources, and a quiz about the "state of your group." [Union used RDI services for strategic planning, leadership development, and facilitation.]
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Don't know whether to volunteer for the American Red Cross or the YMCA? This nonprofit provides online services to over 30,000 nonprofit organizations committed to civic engagement. Search for your ideal volunteer job.
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USA Freedom Corps Volunteer Network
This site offers a searchable database of volunteer opportunities at home and overseas. The home page also has links to National service programs (AmeriCorps, Citizen Corps, Learn & Serve America, Peace Corps, and Senior Corps) plus links for volunteer service initiatives such as: American History, Civics & Service, Students in Service to America, Take Pride in America, and Volunteers for Prosperity.
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Better Together: Restoring the American Community
Putnam, Feldstein, and Cohen, 2003.

Beyond Tocqueville: Civil Society and the Social Capital Debate in Comparative Perspective
Bob Edwards (Editor), et al., 2001.

Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community
Robert D. Putnam, 2000.

Community and the Politics of Place
Daniel Kemmis, 1990.

Everyday Politics: Reconnecting Citizens and Public Life
Harry C. Boyte, 2004.

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