Union History

For the past 25 years, Americans have been drifting away from the concept of community, falling out of touch on the civic level, and becoming disconnected both personally and socially. This is true in large cities as well as small towns. Except in Union, Oregon.

This town of 2,000, tucked into the northeastern corner of the state, has escaped most of the national trends. Here volunteering is taught to the young, and practiced even by the very old. Virtually everyone is on a committee, or in a club, a volunteer, or an active participant in local politics. At the very least, almost everyone votes.

Town of Volunteers

Union's vibrant civic life shows that the fabric of "community" is created – and sustained – completely by the participation and involvement of both individuals and groups.
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A Rural Tradition

From the oldest continuously run rodeo in the Northwest to the number of community groups, see how Union has been known as a city of "joiners."
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