About HD Radio

HD Radio™ is a new technology that enables OPB to broadcast radio programs digitally. The good news — When you tune in to OPB's HD Radio stations, your days of listening to static, signals fading in and out, hisses and pops are over. The even better news — Unlike satellite radio services, OPB's HD Radio broadcasts are free and local.

OPB Radio's HD Channels

OPB Radio is currently broadcasting on two HD channels.

Tune to 91.5-1 in Portland for a simulcast of the programs you hear on OPB's analog FM station.

Tune to 91.5-2 in Portland for the opbmusic service, featuring popular, indie, alternative, rock, pop, singer-songwriters and more with a special focus on Portland and the Northwest.

Don't yet have an HD Radio? You can still tune in OPB's FM and AM analog stations and enjoy all the great, local programs you've come to rely on.

What are the benefits of HD Radio?

With OPB's HD Radio broadcasts, you'll enjoy crystal-clear audio sound. When you tune in to HD FM broadcasts, such as KOPB 91.5-1 or KOPB 91.5-2, you'll experience up to CD-quality sound.

Perhaps best of all, OPB's HD Radio broadcasts are free and local.

How do I tune in OPB's HD Radio broadcasts?

To hear OPB Radio's HD broadcasts, you will need an HD digital radio or an HD converter for your existing radio. Often, you will see an HD Radio logo on the face of the radio.

Not yet ready to own an HD Radio? You can still tune in OPB's FM and AM analog stations and enjoy all the great, local programs you've come to rely on.

Where can I purchase an HD Radio?

You can purchase HD Radios at electronics stores such as Fry's, Radio Shack, Amazon.com, and others.

How do I listen to Internet Radio?

In addition to listening with an HD Radio, you can also listen online using your computer. Plus, some companies, such as Roku, are now producing standalone Internet radios that allow you to listen to Internet radio stations without turning on your computer.

Is analog radio service being discontinued, like the mandatory conversion to digital television?

No. Unlike digital television, the FCC has not mandated a conversion from analog to HD digital radio services. You can still listen to OPB's FM and AM analog broadcasts using your analog radio. If you'd like to listen to the full broadcast of the opbmusic service, which is broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on HD Radio and streamed online, you'll need to purchase an HD Radio or listen via your computer.

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