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Cascadia Composers Bring New Work To Eugene, Portland

OPB | April 5, 2014 12:43 a.m. | Updated: April 5, 2014 10:55 a.m. | Portland


Cascadia Composers

The artists making up Cascadia Composers are all over the classical and new music road, stylistically speaking. But they find strength in numbers, self-funding programs of original work. This week, CC will premier a program in Eugene and Portland, titled Watermark: Two Cities Joined By The Willamette.

We chatted with two of the featured composers, David Bernstein and Jeff Winslow. A glance at their backgrounds gives you a hint of the diversity Cascadia Composers is able to accommodate: Bernstein lectured in composition for 24 years at the University of Akron, and has composed for a wide range of classical genres, from orchestra to opera to choral. Winslow is an electronics engineer who has maintained a creative life in composition.

They told us a bit about what the community of Cascadia Composers has made possible for them.

Jeff Winslow joined us for this week's interview and we have one of his compositions, "Alone on the Prairie", with Catherine Olson, soprano. Mike Hsu is a Portland-area physician who also plays and composes and he shares his piece "Potomac" with us. Finally, we have composer Mark Vigil's "Trio For Violin, Clarinet & Piano, 1st movement". Mark writes, "Stylistically I prefer each piece of mine to be unlike any of its predecessors."

Jeff Winslow: "Alone on the Prairie"

Mike Hsu: "Potomac"

 Mark Vigil: "Trio for Violin Clarinet and Piano, First Movement"





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