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Prince Remembered | Protests At PNCA | PICA Gets New Digs

This week, State of Wonder is all about the arts news, from the protests at PNCA to the passing of the Purple One.

Photo: Bradley W. Parks/OPB

How To Design A Better World: From Space Ships To Parking Meters

This week on State of Wonder, we tour the world of user experience design with Elena Moon, who's worked on everything from websites to space ships.

Photo: April Baer/OPB

Remembering Rick Bartow, The Soulful Sounds of Seinabo Sey And An Indie Choir Collaboration

State of Wonder: A bold, iconic NW painter passed this week; the Swedish soulful pop sensation stops by the studio; indie band AU teams up with 155 student voices; Oregon Ballet Theatre takes on death and aging — and more.

Photo: Joe Cantrell

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Portland Opera Mixes Maurice Sendak With Mozart

OPB | April 27, 2016

Maurice Sendak lived and breathed Mozart. Now the Portland Opera is recreating the award-winning sets he created in 1981 for Mozart's "The Magic Flute."

Radiation City: Live at OPB

opbmusic | April 25, 2016

Watch the band play swirling, technicolor songs from their new album Synesthetica

Drag Through The Back Door With Wigs The Size Of Texas

OPB | April 23, 2016

Northwest drag queens Kaj-Anne Pepper and Cherdonna Shinatra boldly go where no queen has gone before.

PICA Finds A Permanent Home, After Years Of Roaming

OPB | April 21, 2016

The Portland Institute for Contemporary Art will kick off the Time-Based Arts Festival in a new 16,000-square-foot, rent-free compound in NE Portland. Exclusive drone video.

Meet The Bradfords: An Artist And Her Son

OPB | April 22, 2016

We talk with artist Katherine Bradford and her son, Arthur, to discuss the subjects of her work, achieving success well into her career and on the relation between their work.

Funk Flows Forward: Prince, FN Beats And More

OPB | April 22, 2016

What are we doing here again, eulogizing one of our musical icons? And yet, there it was: Thursday’s news about the death of Prince.

PNCA Protesters Suspend Demonstrations

OPB | April 21, 2016

Talks with Pacific Northwest College of Art administrators lead to a deal on teaching assignments.

USPTO Asks US Supreme Court To Review Slants Dispute

OPB | April 20, 2016

Justices asked to decide whether a reclaimed slur can receive trademark status.

Rick Bartow, Stunning Northwest Artist, Dies At 69

OPB | April 05, 2016

Inspired by his Native American heritage, the artist created boldly colorful and idiosyncratic paintings, prints and sculpture that hang at institutions around the country.

Portland's AU Returns With Sprawling Choral Project

opbmusic | April 08, 2016

Luke Wyland restarts his indie pop outfit with the help of the 155-strong Camas High School choir.

Seinabo Sey Live at OPB

opbmusic | April 07, 2016

Gambian-Swedish pop sensation Seinabo Sey performs live in the OPB studios and chats with State of Wonder's Aaron Scott.

Chris Arellano: In Oregon A Teacher, In New Mexico A Star

KLCC | April 02, 2016

While a well-regarded teacher and guitarist, Chris Arellano is not a household name in Oregon, but in New Mexico he can pack a concert hall.

Could The Arts Get Pushed Out Of Portland?

OPB | March 28, 2016

The list of theater and dance companies that have been displaced, have lost their homes and have struggled to find new ones as a result of Portland’s booming real estate market continues to grow at an alarming rate. What can be done about it?

What Happens When Famous Non-Dancers Make Dance

OPB | April 01, 2016

Pink Martini singer China Forbes, Oregon Symphony conductor Carlos Kalmar, sculptor Malia Jensen and five other well-known artists translate their creativity into dance for the boundary-pushing Portland company.

Discovering Beverly Cleary

Beverly Cleary is an award-winning author whose books for children have become classics.

Discovering Beverly Cleary | March 04, 2016

Portland And San Francisco: Gil Kelley On Parallel Planning Worlds

OPB | April 01, 2016

Former Portland planning director, now in the Bay Area, lights up the challenges facing both cities.

Portland Pioneer Place Galleries Pushed Out

OPB | March 31, 2016

Managers make room for new corporate tenant. As Portland's economy improves, finding affordable spaces is becoming more difficult.

Trump's Twitter Activity | Poet Laureate Elizabeth Woody | Living With Microcephaly

OPB | March 31, 2016

We talk to an analyst who took up Donald Trump's Twitter activity to see what it revealed. Oregon poet Elizabeth Woody joins us. And we hear from the mother of a child with microcephaly.

The Thermals Live at OPB

opbmusic | March 31, 2016

Portland band The Thermals play a set of fun, punk thrashers in our studio, and talk with State of Wonder host April Baer about their new record, We Disappear

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