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April 26, 2014: Guest Curator Jeff Jahn

OPB | April 26, 2014 noon | Updated: Oct. 29, 2014 1:32 p.m.

This week, we welcomed critic and curator Jeff Jahn as our show’s guest curator.

We discussed his essay describing Portland as a “Capital of Conscience” positing that artists are coming to Portland because of a broader moral aesthetic about way of life. We heard views from three artists who work or have worked in the area about why artists work here, how do they make careers and why now.

1:00 — Guest Curator Jeff Jahn of PORT
4:25 — Portland Artists Sean Healy, Avantika Bawa and Chris Johanson
15:56 — Portland’s Japanese Garden with Polly Lauser, Diane Durston , the challenge of programming art in a garden and their proposed expansion designed by architect Kengo Kuma
23:55 — Blackfish Gallery’s Panel discussion on Clement Greenberg’s famous essay on Avant-Garde vs Kitsch from 1939 featuring artist Eva Lake and writer Paul Sutinen on “difficult” art.
35:20 — RACC Arts Tax update
45:00 — Poet Laureate announced Peter Sears
51:20 — Black Prairie album release; Close music


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