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At Home With WWII Vet James Yamazaki

OPB | Sept. 07, 2015

A new installment of our "At Home" series features retired pediatrician and researcher James Yamazaki, who recently turned 99.

Boundary Changes Coming To Portland Schools

OPB | Sept. 08, 2015

Portland Public Schools is in the process of redrawing the district's boundary lines, which could dramatically alter demographics at some schools.

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Small Newspaper Gains New Role During Wildfire Season

OPB | Sept. 04, 2015

A small newspaper steps up in a big way to help keep local residents in Grant County up to speed on the wildfires.

Josephine County GMO Ban Takes Effect — Kind Of

OPB | Sept. 04, 2015

Earlier this year, voters rejected a public safety levy that would increase funding for the cash-strapped Josephine County Sheriff's Office. Without those resources, the ban lacks any kind of enforcement teeth.

News Roundtable: Sept. 4, 2015

OPB | Sept. 04, 2015

It’s time for our news roundtable, where we take a look at some of the biggest stories of the week with a rotating panel of journalists and other news watchers.

Prineville Takes On 3rd Facebook Data Center

OPB | Sept. 03, 2015

We listen back to a conversation recorded in April in Prineville about the impact of data centers in Central Oregon. Facebook announced this week that it will build a third data center in Prineville.

I Scream, You Scream, 2 Guys Scream At Each Other About Ice Cream

OPB | Sept. 03, 2015

Dennis Roeper had already been slinging Drumsticks and Otter Pops from his multi-vehicle fleet for years when Efrain Escobar showed up on the scene. What followed was an all-out turf war.

Portland Film Festival Now In Its Third Year

OPB | Sept. 03, 2015

The festival, focused on independent filmmakers, is an event for mavericks, according to its executive director.

Exhibit Looks At Impact of Riot Grrrl

OPB | Sept. 02, 2015

A new exhibit at PNCA looks at the lasting impacts of the Riot Grrrl movement on artists.

Is Science Research In Crisis?

OPB | Sept. 02, 2015

A new project showed nearly 60 percent of 100 published studies in prestigious psychology journals didn't hold up the second time they were run. What does this mean for scientific research?

With The Fire In Your Face

OPB | Sept. 02, 2015

A local commercial photographer describes his first season as a wildland firefighter.

Mt. Hood Or Wy'east?

OPB | Sept. 01, 2015

We discuss the origin of the name of Mt. Hood and explore Wy'east, which has long been thought to be a Native American name for the mountain.

A New Kind Of College

OPB | Sept. 01, 2015

The Wayfinding Academy aims to be a new two-year college in Portland.

Union Members Voice Concern Over Correctional Officers' Working Conditions

OPB | Sept. 01, 2015

Long, stressful hours have high costs for Oregon corrections officers.

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