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Latino Presence in Oregon

OPB | May 31, 2011

What does the partnership between the farmworkers' rights group PCUN and the University of Oregon mean for people in Oregon?

Writing Assessment

OPB | May 31, 2011

What would be lost if Oregon's standardized writing exam were cut?

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Rebroadcast: Ethics of Egg Donation

OPB | May 30, 2011

We're bringing back this discussion about egg donation in celebration of the episode's recent Gracie Award win.

Holding Hands

OPB | May 27, 2011

Will what's being called a bias attack lead to change?

The Doors of the Oregon State Hospital

OPB | May 27, 2011

We'll take a look at bills lawmakers in Salem are considering that would change who goes into the Oregon State Hospital and how those that are there get out.

The Capitol Art Collection

OPB | May 26, 2011

What's the story of the art that hangs on the walls of Oregon's Capitol, and who's paying attention to it?

Live from Salem

OPB | May 26, 2011

We'll broadcast live from Salem to get an update on some hot button issues, like kicker reform, and to get some different takes on how the legislative process really works (and sometimes doesn't).

Oregon's Endangered Historic Places

OPB | May 25, 2011

The Historic Preservation League of Oregon just named the state's most endangered historic places. Among them are barns, houses, and a unique theater in Coos Bay.

Medical Marijuana Update

OPB | May 25, 2011

Medical marijuana is legal in more than a dozen states — but not under federal law. We'll find out how that affects Oregon's and Washington's approach right now.

The Off Hours

OPB | May 24, 2011

Writer/director Megan Griffiths talks about her new film, The Off Hours.

Program or Be Programmed

OPB | May 24, 2011

Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff is in town this week. We'll find out what he means by the title of his new book.

Pendleton vs. Pendleton

OPB | May 24, 2011

Two iconic Oregon brands are locked in a legal battle over a heavily trademarked name.

Zebra Mussels Found

OPB | May 23, 2011

Non-native zebra mussels have arrived in Oregon. Now what?

Redrawing the Battle Lines

OPB | May 23, 2011

Will a closely divided legislature be able to agree on a redistricting plan?

Caving in Oregon

OPB | May 20, 2011

A conversation about Oregon's caves and cavers.

White Buffalo Roam

OPB | May 20, 2011

Opal Sunrise Spirit, JR Spirit and Silver Spirit were born over Mother's Day weekend. Their arrivals mark the first white buffalo born in Oregon.

Online Poker's Next Round

OPB | May 20, 2011

Is online poker legal? Place your bets...

Public Art on Your Phone

OPB | May 19, 2011

Portland and Multnomah County have lots of great public art — now there's an app that maps it all.

Boosting Immunizations

OPB | May 19, 2011

We'll look at immunization issues in the Northwest after a new law in Washington state that makes it harder for parents to opt out of immunizations for their kids.

Is College Worth It?

OPB | May 19, 2011

A new Pew Research Report asks the question, "Is College Worth It?"

What's Next for K-12 Education?

OPB | May 18, 2011

Now that the May election is over, what's next in the fight to improve K-12 education across Oregon?

Election Night Live Coverage

OPB | May 17, 2011

The ballot boxes close at 8 p.m. We'll have live election coverage beginning at 9 p.m.

HIV Research Updates

OPB | May 17, 2011

What will two recent breakthroughs mean for the future of HIV/AIDS research?

Harun Mustafa

OPB | May 17, 2011

Harun Mustafa wrote music while serving time in prison. What's next for this cellist now that he's been released?

Public Records Reform

OPB | May 16, 2011

Attorney General John Kroger introduced a bill aiming to strengthen Oregon's public records law. Is it necessary?

Live from Salem

OPB | May 13, 2011

We'll broadcast live from the Capitol the day after the May revenue forecast is released to talk about what these numbers mean for the state budget going forward.

Northwest Passages: Karl Marlantes

OPB | May 12, 2011

Washington writer Karl Marlantes spent 30 years on his Vietnam war novel, Matterhorn.

When Do Antidepressants Work?

OPB | May 11, 2011

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using medicine to treat depresssion?

Proposed Tax Increases in Eugene and Baker County

OPB | May 11, 2011

We're tackling two more items from the May ballot: a five-year levy to raise $3.6 million for Baker School District and a temporary income tax in Eugene to fund schools.

Knowing Your Meat

OPB | May 10, 2011

Local restaurateur and chef Naomi Pomeroy would like to know where the meat she serves at her restaurant Beast comes from. Does that matter to you?

Intel's 3D Chip Technology

OPB | May 09, 2011

What does Intel's new 3D chip technology mean for computing, for Hillsboro, and for the company itself?

Damascus & The Sellwood Bridge

OPB | May 09, 2011

We'll talk about two items on the May ballot: the Sellwood Bridge replacement fee in Clackamas County and the comprehensive plan Damascus voters will be considering.

Reed College Update

OPB | May 06, 2011

Reed College has just made some changes to how sexual assault is handled on their campus — and more changes are expected. We'll find out more.

Toxic Sugar?

OPB | May 06, 2011

A recent New York Times Magazine article asked, Is Sugar Toxic? What do you think?

It's Boaz!

OPB | May 05, 2011

Boaz Frankel doesn't drive. But that didn't stop him from touring 32 states — more than 12,000 miles — in ten weeks.

The Lipstick Economy

OPB | May 05, 2011

What's your personal economic indicator?

Oregon Symphony's Carlos Kalmar

OPB | May 04, 2011

This month the Oregon Symphony celebrates its Carnegie Hall debut. We'll speak with music director Carlos Kalmar before their big performance.

Bond and Levy for Portland Public Schools

OPB | May 04, 2011

Portland Public Schools is asking voters to approve a $548 million bond to rebuild and repair schools. They're also asking voters to increase an existing levy by $19 million to pay for teachers. How will you vote?

Families Facing Cuts

OPB | May 03, 2011

Lawmakers are considering cuts to needy families. We'll explore what they would mean.

Cell Phone Search Warrant?

OPB | May 03, 2011

Does law enforcement need a warrant to search your cell phone data if you're arrested? That question comes before the Oregon Supreme Court this week.

Bin Laden is Dead

OPB | May 02, 2011

President Barack Obama announced on Sunday night that United States Special Forces have killed Osama bin Laden and taken custody of his body. We'll have full reaction.

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