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Calling the Live Show

Call-in number: 888-665-5TOL (or 665-5865)
Our phones ring non-stop during the show, and we often only have a few seconds to decide to accept a call or let it go. This is an art, not a science, but if you follow these guidelines, you'll have a much better chance of getting on the air:

  • Offer something that we're not hearing: a new perspective, a fresh question, a telling anecdote.
  • Tell us a story. (A true story!)
  • Speak from experience, not opinion.
  • Make sure we can hear you. Land lines are often better than cell phones. Speaker phones are always terrible. Pull over if you're driving.

Commenting Guidlines

We've designed this site to foster an active conversation before, during, and after each live show. We think of this as a virtuous circle: through your contributions, the website should feed ideas, guests, questions, and arguments onto the show, and in turn the daily hour of radio will be amplified, connected, and at times corrected on this site.

This community does a great job policing itself, so only rarely have we ever had to step in. But we've set up commenting guidelines so that there's no confusion about the priorities and policies of this site:

  • Write with civility and respect. Attack arguments, not commenters.
  • Trolling — commenting for any purpose other than sincere expression, assuming an identity to disrupt a thread, or deliberately baiting another commenter — will not be tolerated.
  • Link to your sources and excerpt selectively. (Don't copy and paste an entire Oregonian article, for example.)
  • Stay within the 2500 character limit. If you have to scroll to read a comment, it's probably too long. And if you find that you're often writing at length about topics of your own choosing, consider starting your own blog. It only takes ten minutes. Email us and we'll help.

Offending comments will be deleted, and serial offenders will be removed from the site.

How to Listen

On the Radio
Think Out Loud
airs live from 12pm-1pm Monday through Friday, with rebroadcasts each evening from 8pm-9pm, on these stations.

Streaming Live
You can stream Think Out Loud's live broadcast from 12pm-1pm Monday through Friday here.

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What is Podcasting?
Podcasting is a method of delivering audio files to your computer or portable player. You can think of it as a free electronic subscription. When you sign up for the Think Out Loud podcast, MP3s of the show will be sent to your computer automatically each day. You can then listen to individual shows on your computer's audio player (like Windows Media Player or iTunes) or transfer the show to a portable machine.

If you're new to podcasting, get some help here.

How to Register

When you register you'll be asked for a username, an e-mail address, and a password. We're hoping that you'll use your real name (here's why). You can retrieve a lost password here.

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