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The Circus Has Come to Town

Animals doing stunts, clowns with red foam noses, and crafty balloon creatures are few and far between in Portland’s ever-evolving circus scene. You’ll often find storytellers and acrobats, lasso weilding cowboy clowns and highliy skilled athletes and dancers. This is not your average big top.

Acts from Portland’s diverse array of circus troupes draw inspiration from street performances, theater, nature, politics or by their fellow performers. And with no shortage of classes to take, performances to watch or groups to join, Portland’s circus community is thriving.

We’ll talk with longtime circus performers Noah Mickens and David Lichtenstein (also known as Leapin’ Louie), as well as Jenn Cohen, Exeuctive Director and artist at the Circus Project, about the enthusiasm and creativity in the circus community here in Portland.

And be sure to tune in to Oregon Art Beat for more about modern circuses this Thursday night on OPB TV.

Are you involved in the circus community in Portland? Do you seek out circus performances? What is your favorite circus memory?


If you are interested in checking out the Portland circus scene, here are a few upcoming events:

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OPB | Nov. 29, 2012