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Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown’s office has created an Online Civics Toolkit. It’s geared towards teaching citizens between the ages of 17 and 24 about how elections work in Oregon. The detailed lesson plans include topics such as federal laws that drive elections and the influence of the media and special interest groups. Brown’s staff worked with local professors and teachers to develop the curriculum and Brown has been visiting area schools to promote it. The federal government has a similar resource available online, which does not focus only on elections, but on the naturalization process (pdf) as well as the Declaration of Independence (pdf).

What do you think is most important for people to learn about how their government works?

Will this toolkit affect your learning or teaching experience? Do you remember getting excited about civics as a younger person? What fueled your passion for the subject? How have you applied your knowledge of civics?

A professor who helped develop the Oregon Secretary of State’s online civics toolkit told us that most Americans have a better working knowledge of the Simpsons than of the U.S. Constitution. Take our civics challenge to test your knowledge!


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