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The Face of Race

Portland is often described as “one of the whitest” cities in America. Some communities of color say that creates the false impression that race is irrelevent here, and therefore the real issues that minorities face are diminished. The Coalition of Communities of Color recently commissioned a study to determine how ethnic minorities are fairing in Multnomah County. The short answer: Not so great.

The report (pdf), which is the first of seven, was released earlier this month. It looked at jobs, income, housing, education and services data. The report calls Multnomah County “uniquely toxic” for people of color.

Do you live in Multnomah County? How do you feel your race and ethnicity affects your experience when it comes to housing, employment, education and other areas of your life? If you live outside Multnomah County, what would you expect a report about people of color in your community to show?


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