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Library District Measure

Pete Springer/OPB

Multnomah County wants to create a library district (pdf) to permanently fund the library through property taxes. This would change the way libraries have been funded in the county for almost 40 years.

Multnomah County residents probably remember approving a library levy back in May. Temporary tax levies, which are tied to property taxes, have been widely approved every few years to fund the library’s 19 branches and countless programs. Creating a district would eliminate the need for levies and instead establish a permanent link between property taxes and library funding.

The county says the district is key to stabilizing library funding. Portland city officials, like commissioner Dan Saltzman, argue that because of the limits on property taxes established in the 1990s, the permanent library district would take money away from other worthy causes.

Do you know how you’ll vote on the library district ballot measure? What questions do you have about it?


  • Jeff Cogen: Multnomah County Chair

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